Koelbox is cool


Caravans, slippers with thick rubber soles, bringing your own food on vacation and having a koelbox. Is sometimes frowned upon. But oh boy, do these things make life comfortable. Maybe comfort should be the new cool. Or it is already I guess.
At least our koelbox was cool last Sunday in the park. It was ice old.

Something larger than life

We’re pointing upwards for something larger than life.
If something is larger than life than living is not something to brag about.
Humility is something that comes to mind.
I guess the most humble person on earth must be feeling smaller than life.

I wonder if that is how your supposed to feel. Probably balance is the magic word.

If that is true than “who am I to blow against the wind” is the magic sentence for me. Thank you Paul Simon for showing there is endless joy in balance.