Seeing things in perspective

Seeing things in perspective. Does that mean that in the end, everything comes together?
I think people mean to express that there is always something worse than what’s on your mind. Comparing your problem to the problems of the world. Seems like 2D to me. In 3D, everything comes together. More abstract, but with the same effect. We’re all one.


Understanding art

How important is it for an artist that her public understands her art? How important is it for a public that it understands an artist work? You can’t know what goes on in every single persons head while experiencing art. Maybe it’s the time and energy put into the development of the work that influences each experience with it. Therefore knowing more about the piece increases what you feel when looking at it.
I think this giant -cute- dog with large blue conus shaped things could use some explanation.
And art that doesn’t need explaining but still transfers the energy put in; that is magical.


The power of retro

I honestly never believed that ’70s and ’80s design also could become nice again.
It feels like it has to do with growing up with then modern design. 20 years later (it would be very interesting to see research to the time cycle of retro per industry or price range!) you see design from your childhood and you can’t help liking it.
Oh well, I love it. And for it to work new design is needed so we can give our descendants the pleasure of retro.